Publié par : orvaillant | novembre 18, 2011

The End Times (English)

Dear Friends,
We live in End Times, this world is in chaos and it will end by its destruction, we’ll celebrate in the coming months the birth of a New World.
The fall of the Tower of Babel is unavoidable.
I believe in Ascension and we’ll all ascend to a higher frequency, some sooner and some later.
We should create a secret association like the Illuminati did in the XVIII century before their « disgrâce » towards Truth, Love and Light.
It should regroup reliable and strong personalities capable to face Darkness Intelligence. You can’t face them just with Truth and Love cause they will try to destroy the Light you’re carrying in yourself. You can’t navigate trough storms with a weak crew.
We can’t change the world alone, we are one and one we are and the final act is just on the corner, the triumph of Love, Truth and Light above Darkness.
Let us not divide, let us love how we are, let us bring our light secretly in the Darkness.
Kali is not just a symbol of Death or Destruction,  it will bring a New World. As i told you, there will be no mass ascension without body destruction.
We are immortal beings, the Fall of Atlantis was not the end of our spiritual quest. It’s a never ending story, a quest for unconditional Love trough Darkness.
The religions and the current systems are falling apart, little by little, they can’t hide Light any longer.
In the current months, Gog will face Magog and we’ll hasten the return of the Light and free ourselves from Darkness.
In Light, Love and Truth


  1. Why to put it in English???Are non English speakers not eligible to such a truth? Is English a way to sort out and/or forewarn the right people? Come on tell us the secret!
    Apart from that, I think you’re pretty right…Things will quickly unravel in the coming months and we’d better be prepared for the worse and maybye the best. I feel that we’re about to go through some sort of meta-physical event which will change humankind for ever. This is « the miracle » mentionned by Baba vanga in her predictions.But all this will take place after much suffering due to a complete collapse of society as we know it now, followed by a nuclear war and finally a geological reshape of mother Earth.
    Personne n’aura la garantie de survivre aux évènements ahurissants qui sont sur le point de se produire et c’est la raison pour laquelle il est important, plus que jamais, de mettre de l’ordre dans son âme et son esprit.

    • Cher ami,

      Mon dernier article était destiné à un ami anglophone avec qui je corresponds depuis plusieurs mois, j’ai décidé ultérieurement de copier ma lettre sur mon blog, cette lettre est bien évidemment destiné à tous. Il est facile de faire traduire automatiquement et gratuitement en français mon article par l’intermédiaire d’un traducteur que vous pouvez trouver sur internet.

      Je vous prie de bien vouloir m’en excuser.

      Mes visions sont en effet en cours de réalisation.

      Dans la Lumière, l’Amour et la Vérité.


  2. Bonjour,

    Est ce que vous croyez que les Illumati existent vraiment? merci.

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